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You probably have heard it said that a draft is for the writer’s eyes only, not the publisher’s, the public’s, or the instructor’s. We totally agree. Drafts are raw, showcasing your thought process. Drafts are incomplete; they are an amalgamation of your yet-to-be-refined ideas. That’s the reason why you should bring your draft to us.

We are a team of educators and editors that have been where you are and emerged victorious by earning our doctorate degrees. We have been through the theses, dissertation, and journal writing processes and have experienced some struggles, including writer’s block, lack of resources and guidance, a full-time job, family responsibilities, procrastination, and lack of motivation. We, therefore, know what you may be going through.

We want to partner with you in your journey to ensure you achieve your goals. We’ll collaborate with you to refine your draft until it becomes a masterpiece you feel confident sharing with your instructor, publisher, or the public. To help you get there, we offer the following services:

Reach out to us at editor@guidancediting.com